The Asian pacific region is experiencing an unpreceded moment of economic expansion and urbanization. Engineers are expected to assure reliability and safety of infrastructures in an uncertain environment of increasing scale and increasing complexity. The proper design, construction, and maintance of the infrastractures is the key of the sustainable development of the region. Yet, either due to the inherent variability of the nature of due to our limitation in knowledge, the uncertainties in analysis, design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructures cannot be fully eliminated, posing substantial challenge to the reliability and safety of structures. In the past decades, great efforts have been exerted by both researchers and practitioners on how to design, construct, and maintain reliable structures. Relevant theories, methodologies, and tools have been developed to solve a large number problems. Nevertheless, assuring the reliability and safety of the infrasturactures in a realistic environment with increasing needs still seems to be challenging in many occasions. It is thus important to summreized what the profession has achieved, what is missing, and to identify what are to be further purse in the following two decades. This symposium aims to to provide an international forum for engineers, educators, researchers and practitioners to create a better understanding and vision about the current status and future of structural reliability and risk. 

The Asian-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and its Applications (APSSRA) is held every four years in between ICASP and ICOSSAR. The first APSSRA was held in Tokyo in November 1995; the second in Taipei in February 1999; the third in Seoul in August 2004; the fourth in Hong Kong in June 2008, the fifth APSSRA in Singapore in May 2012, and the sixth will be held in 2016 in Shanghai with the following theme: 

Future structural safety and reliability: theories, methods, and tools.


We are looking forward to meeting you at Shanghai.


Conference Co-chairs

Professor Hongwei Huang and Professor Jie Li

College of Civil Engineering

Tongji University


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Important Dates

Mini-Symposium/Session due December 31, 2014
Abstract due May 30, 2015
Full paper due November 30, 2015
Conference May 28-30, 2016


  • Tongji University
  • Risk and Insurance Research Branch of China Civil Engineering Society
  • Shanghai Institute of Disaster Prevention and Relief
  • TC304 of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
  • COFS of University of Western Australia